And that, is how my day was!So story time! I d…

And that, is how my day was!

So story time! I did a private hire day at Swaffham Raceway! It was huge fun, I met some new folks and reunited with some old friends, all of whom were great people and that was a fantastic way to spend a day off work. 🙂 I think I spent more time manning the flag and the gate than I did doing photography, and I am okay with this.

My real standout and hero for the day, was THIS guy, James Seaborne.

A little context. Swaffham Raceway is a little notorious for killing drift cars, because it’s a good surface entirely surrounded by a two-foot-thick concrete wall armoured with steel on the track. You don’t get to make big mistakes, and if you do, you will definitely survive but your car will usually end up looking very different.

So yeah, the few people familiar with Swaffham drifting will get an “oh shit” feeling when a first-timer, as in never-drifted-before person, like James shows up. I got an even bigger “oh shit” feeling because he was in this BEAUTIFUL, mad-spec S15 (trust me, it’s gorgeous with a front bumper) – while it hurts me a bit to see anyone wall their car, nobody wants to see that car go into the wall.

But…somehow this kid (defined as “anyone younger than me”) nailed it even on his first run (first picture)? He knew his limits, he very gradually pushed them, and by the end of the day he was so smooth that I could do super-slow pans on him (last pic)! Mad props to that guy, on every possible count. I feel like he’s gonna go places.