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Really bored? Now is a great time to revisit the S30 paper model I created years ago. Available in the downloads section on my site #importbible

Time to work on the car! Photo courtesy of @tougestyle86 #importbible

What color should I make next?! #importbible

Photo from @c1_zn6, thanks to everyone that ordered the last couple of weeks, I’ll continue shipping orders as long as I Canada Post is open. A lot of uncertainty in the air but stay safe! Currently locked down at home so I’ll have even more time to work on new stuff #importbible

While taking pictures of the Lorinser S class a wild Alpina B10 appears… #importbible

Designs I’ve selected for the upcoming summer collection #importbible

De Tomaso Pantera at the Greater Milwaukee Autoshow (2020) in Milwaukee, WI.

Jelly, picture from @mike_wazowski__ #importbible

Neat little car at the Nissan museum, unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the name plate beside it. Anyone have info about it? #importbible

With the recent announcement of the new FK9 CTR, let’s not forget about the o.g. EK9! #importbible