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Justrolledintotheshop Flawless weld job

Justrolledintotheshop Passenger airbag deployed? Time for a new dash…..(2017 F-150)

Justrolledintotheshop C/S My heater doesn’t blow very hard, even on high.

Justrolledintotheshop Me and my buddy mid 11 hour power steering rack job when we realized that we only built an estimate for 7 hours of labor…..

Justrolledintotheshop Service writer wants me to rub what?

Justrolledintotheshop Being it’s a blue rag does that make it a cold air intake?

Justrolledintotheshop The song of our people

Justrolledintotheshop Guy comes in with 3 different wheels locks on each wheel and 4 wheel lock keys. Gotta play this game with all four wheels!

Justrolledintotheshop OP gets a package delivered to the shop

Justrolledintotheshop I thought this box was just a janky aftermarket alarm, but it is so, so much more.