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@vancastle_ed9 wearing the Type 7 tee with his S2000 #importbible

Updated Rim to Rim shirt featuring my Japanese logo mark. Winner for the Melody Box will be selected tomorrow! #importbible

Pixelated hint of what’s coming in the next couple of months 👀 any guesses for the next Heartbreaker design? #importbible

2019, feels like my hard work is paying off #importbible

If you’ve played Tokyo Xtreme Racer you will recognize this route graphic used to select the outer and inner track #importbible @johnsonnle @itsjennmun

Keeping it together, @nintey7_ #importbible

Thanks to everyone that dropped by my website these past two months, it was really hectic trying to get orders out but things are slowly getting back to normal now 👌 #importbible @johnsonnle @itsjennmun

Its been a very busy season but there is one more sale left…use coupon code “BOXING” for 15% off your entire order! #importbible

Happy holidays from Import Bible 💕 #importbible

Restocked! #importbible