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My winter collection is finally out, meet the updated Blueprint design. Featuring The EK9 Type R #importbible
@johnsonnle @itsjennmun

New line will be released this Friday along with a small restock of Ressha boxes #importbible

Found a few coffee scented Bunta air fresheners 👀 now on the shop #importbible @vinhmanphoto

@spicy.ricecake wearing my Rough World tee in Japan #importbible

Coming soon…short sleeve version of the Wanderer design #importbible

Coming soon 🎵 #importbible

New updated shipping prices for US and international packages. Rates have been lowered for most options. I’ve also added a new tracked shipping method for smaller packages for stickers/zip ties/key chains! #importbible

Stuff you see in Japan 🤤 check out that gold detail #importbible

@maz_rx_309 wearing a suitable shirt next to the RX-7 #importbible

The More Life design. Only a few shirts available in sizes M – L – XL #importbible