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Justrolledintotheshop I thought this box was just a janky aftermarket alarm, but it is so, so much more.

Justrolledintotheshop Does this pass PA state inspection?

Justrolledintotheshop Knock knock piston 2

Justrolledintotheshop Brand new Explorer. Quality is job #1!

Justrolledintotheshop Thank you other shop for ignoring all warning labels.

Justrolledintotheshop Co-worker asked if I could pull out the dents and handed me this..

Justrolledintotheshop Replaced ignition coil pack on car. Found a new use for the old one

Justrolledintotheshop “Trained professionals” my lube rack sucks

Justrolledintotheshop C/S RR tire is leaking oil

Justrolledintotheshop C/S I felt like the shop I always take it to never changed the filter on my Corolla.